Asheton Lakes Property Owners Association

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All property in Asheton Lakes is governed by a board of directors and all residents are required to follow the neighborhood’s Declaration of Covenants. As such, please make sure that the new owner is registered in our system by giving the new owner’s name, telephone number and email address to the Association Manager.  Once the new resident has closed on their property, they will receive a welcome packet to include their pool key fobs, covenant booklet and other neighborhood news and information.

If your client is purchasing a home from an existing resident, please have the old owner give the new owner, the two pool key fobs and covenant booklet at the closing of the property.

Please remember that Association Fees should be collected at closing, which includes a $100 registration fee and prorated annual dues for the current year.  Collected fees should be mailed to the Asheton Lakes Property Owners Association at P. O. Box 2096, Auburn, AL 36831.


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